賀!! 百川學程電機核心陳佳萱同學,獲選2023 YEF 海外代表Congratulations!! Chen Chia-Hsuan, major in the Electrical Engineering at Arete honors program, has been selected as the 2023 YEF overseas representative.


恭賀!! 百川學程電機核心陳佳萱同學,甫獲選為2023 YEF十六位海外代表之一,將獲全額獎助於九月初至美國矽谷參訪,包含國際知名企業、新創聚落、及國際頂尖大學。

為培育青年學子的國際視野、全球競爭力,以及誠信、正直的創業興業精神,自2003年起,時代基金會推出「國際青年創業領袖計畫 (Young Entrepreneurs of the Future – YEF)」。YEF(現更名為Epoch School)是一個跨領域、跨國際、跨自我的學習計畫,鼓勵學子跨校、跨院聯結,經由長達6-10個月的模擬實務學習,其中活動包括: 網路組隊、創業聯誼會、創業新兵戰鬥營、創業投資選秀會、創業課程研習會、國際交流參訪及成果發表會,以試鍊其團隊合作、創新創業精神、執行力及國際網絡能力。在國內是備受推崇的『第二軌』教育計畫。


「水庫面積大且成本很高,所以我們提出可以在農田或住家……等零碎的土地上建立小小水庫,安裝蓄水的裝置。」陳佳萱指出,團隊夥伴因為喜歡露營,或許也可以運用露營用地,因此大家開始打電話給1 0 0多家的露營場地業者,得到的市場狀況的確是下雨天大家不會去露營,如此便可以在下雨的時候,搜集露營場地的雨水,然後轉給用水大戶。




Congratulations!! Chen Chia-Hsuan, major in the Electrical Engineering at Arete Honors Prgram, has recently been selected as one of the sixteen overseas representatives for the 2023 YEF (Young Entrepreneurs of the Future) program. She will receive full sponsorship to visit Silicon Valley in the United States in early September, where she will have the opportunity to engage with internationally renowned companies, startup communities, and top-notch universities.

Since 2003, the Epoch Foundation has been launching the “Young Entrepreneurs of the Future (YEF)” program to cultivate the international perspectives, global competitiveness, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit of young students. YEF, now known as Epoch School, is a cross-disciplinary, international, and self-discovery learning program that encourages students to collaborate across different schools and institutions. Through a 6-10 month-long simulated practical learning journey, the program includes activities such as online team formation, entrepreneurial gatherings, startup boot camps, entrepreneurial investment showcases, workshops, international exchange visits, and project presentations. These activities aim to challenge their teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, execution capabilities, and international networking skills. The program is highly respected as a significant alternative education initiative in Taiwan.

Chen Chia-Hsuan, as the team leader of the “嘿疲YOLO乳” team, has been working with elite students from various public and private universities, including National Chengchi University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, and Ji Nan University. They have been engaging in activities such as research, creative ideation, prototyping, and business proposal development. The team proposed an entrepreneurial concept called “WaterContinuum (續水),” which aims to provide additional stable water rights to industrial water users who value ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. This idea secured the first place in the 2023 Epoch Foundation Future Entrepreneurs Program competition.

Chen Chia-Hsuan explained, “Reservoirs are large and expensive, so we proposed building small reservoirs on fragmented lands such as farmland or residential areas and installing water storage devices.” The team realized that they could collaborate with the camping industry, using camping sites to collect rainwater during rainy days, and then provide the collected rainwater to industrial water users.

However, there was the challenge of transporting water from the camping sites to the industrial users. Chen Chia-Hsuan mentioned, “We found that the transportation cost of delivering water was quite high. So we thought about a water exchange contract, where we could provide the water from camping sites to nearby farmlands. The farmlands could then transfer their water rights to factories, allowing factories to access water directly from the original reservoir pipelines.”

With previous experiences leading departmental associations and sustainability clubs, Chen Chia-Hsuan discovered her passion for teamwork and the satisfaction it brings. Despite the diverse backgrounds of the team members, who come from six different schools, they all learned from each other and fostered a collaborative atmosphere throughout the entrepreneurial competition. Chen Chia-Hsuan hopes to carry this spirit into her university life.

She acknowledges that there are challenges ahead for their water resource entrepreneurship concept, such as potential regulatory hurdles and cost-related obstacles. At this stage, she is awaiting the right opportunity to put her plans into action. She values her student identity and plans to continue exploring diverse fields, even if mistakes occur, turning them into valuable experiences. She also aspires to inspire more young individuals to work hard and bring their ideas to life.